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Dales-Dallas-Kitchen02County Kildare almost directly in the heart of Ireland boasts of some of the most beautiful landscape in Ireland. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or one who likes fine dining you will find a place suitable for everyone in this beautiful county.

Fitted Kitchens for Kildare Homes

Some of the finest homes in the country can be found in Kildare and in these fine homes you will find some of the most elegant kitchens from decades past to the most modern of the day. Leinster Woodcraft have customized  fitted kitchens for over the last quarter of a century and you can visit their factory and showroom just outside of Portlaoise and view their select range.

Fitted Kitchens designed for Kildare Homes.

When choosing a kitchen for your existing home or new home it’s very important to talk to a professional company that will take your ideas and in conjunction with yourself point out good and bad points in relation to design and style. You are not looking for someone to agree with every thing you come up with but to make constructive criticism should the design or style require it. 

Fitted Kitchen Designs and Styles.

One very important decission when selecting a kitchen in terms of design is to get the work triangle right. This means that you have to achieved the best possible place to put the three main items in your kitchen, and they are the cooker, the fridge and the washing area. Think about this there is no point in having the cooker in one end and the sink and fridge at the opposite end, it simply takes to much walking around and not practical at all.

Fitted Kitchens and Wood.

The wood used to manufacture a kitchen are the following;

  • Walnut
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Ash
  • Cherry
  • Pippy Oak

Whatever you choose make sure its a custom made kitchen not a cheap falt pack that you will have to replace in a few years because the doors keep coming away from the carcas.

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Whether you live in Newbridge, Naas, Kildare, Kilcullen, Leixlip, Maynooth, Monasterevin, Athy, Johnstown, Dublin, Laois or Sallins at some stage you are going to be looking for a kitchen.

Kitchen with Isalnd

Kitchen with Isalnd

You have many choices out there to choose from, so what criteria do you choose to give you the best chance of choosing a good company to carryout the work in probably the most important room in you home. Today kitchens are designed to be functional but also decorative because unlike years ago where the kitchen was down in the basement or in the back somewhere, no today it is part of the dining are or the reception area as most new builds are prone to have open plan areas.

The criteria I advise people to check are:

  • How long has the kitchen company been around.
  • Who owns the kitchen company.
  • Can you visit the showrooms and see the kitchens being made.
  • Make sure that the company you use are not just those that deal in flat pack kitchens only.
  • Are they in the same county or country.
  • Are they quick to answer the phone.
  • Do they have a good online presence like a website.
  • Are they competent.

Kitchen companies like Leinster Woodcraft that have been around for a quarter of a century are well worth talkin to.

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From a Bygone Age to Modern Times !

Those were the good old days, when all you need was a four legged table in the corner and a few three legged stools, no microwave, fridge freezer or anything electrical ( there was no electricity anyway in most areas ). Hey presto, there was your kitchen  furnished. 

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Early Georgian Kitchen
Early Georgian Kitchen

Today a totally different scene, everywhere you go throughout the Island of Ireland, the countryside is dotted with new homes, a great sign of our affluence over the last decade. Within the walls of these beautiful designed houses is the “heart” of the home, referred to as the kitchen.

Kitchen styles vary from areas of the world but in Ireland we tend to stick to the traditional kitchens like Oak, Maple, Walnut and of course ash kitchens are very popular nowadays. Leinster Woodcraft are very proud to have been chosen in many cases to supply these modern masterpiece kitchens of various designs, that can be seen in our showrooms.

Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Designs - More Info - Click Image

The styles available are the single galley kitchen, the double galley kitchen, the L-shaped kitchen, the U-shaped kitchen and all of these combined with an island unit give the chef or cook a wonderful area to perform his or her duties.

You can buy cheap kitchens from many sources, and in some cases when you use these for a few years, the doors start sagging and the hinges come away from the main frame – you ask yourself why didn’t I get a good quality one in the first place. The cost difference is not so great, so get yourself a good quality custom in-frame kitchen at the outset and you won’t be disappointed. Leinster Woodcraft are renowned for their quality and value and have been around for nearly three decades. 

Custom Kitchens

Custom Kitchens - Get Quote Today - Click Image

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