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Kitchen Tips and Ideas


Several different methods are available from Leinster Woodcraft for those of you who would like to create a new look in your kitchen and at great discounts for 2009.  You can create the entire room over by gutting it and starting completely new from the appliances to the flooring to the wallpaper to the kitchen sink.  You can take the easy route and simply change a few of the essentials like kitchen towels, kitchen faucets, the lighting, the toaster, canister set, and kitchen clock.  Alternatively, you can upgrade many of the features of your custom made kitchen to create a brand new kitchen look without gutting the room.


Upgrading Your Kitchen


It is very important to plan your kitchen before you go out and buy something on impulse. Custom Oak Kitchens have been very popular for many decades and will remain so for many decades to come. There are a range of Oaks to choose from like Pippy Oak, American Oak, Irish Oak and White Oak and by electing to go with a custom kitchen you won’t be disappointed.


Upgrading your kitchen without gutting it is a good choice for many reasons including:

  • It is less expensive than redoing the entire room from floor to ceiling and with the kitchen discounts available its very affordable.

  • It creates a bigger change and a newer look than simply replacing a few of the non-fixed items. 

  • It is a lot of fun to do and all the family can get involve.

  • It incresase the value of your kitchen to a great degree.

Copy of Traditional-Pine

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Kitchen Themes;


The first thing that you need to do when creating a brand new custom made kitchen look is to select a theme.  Your theme can be quite specific or general in nature.  You can select a theme that leans toward a particular feel such as contemporary, southwestern, French Provincial, or country, for example.  Your theme can simply encompass a particular subject matter including flowers, fruits, animals, ivy, birds, or whatever it is that you have a preference for.


Custom Tableware:

 Once you select your theme, compose a list of all of the items that you want to replace.  Although it is easier to compose the list by grouping similar items together, you can use any system that works for you.  You can break the list down into two separate categories- functional and decorative.  Examples of the items that you will find in both lists are included below.  Some of the items can actually be placed in both categories.  Therefore, the selected list might not be the one that you would personally list them on.  However, if the visual appeal of the particular item outweighs its functionality for me, I selected the decorative list for it. 

AMERICA-may2005 044

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Functional Kitchen Items

·           Kitchen towels and dishcloths

·           Cabinet hardware including knobs, pulls, and hinges

·           Switch plates

·           Outlet covers

·           Area rugs

·           Kitchen faucets

·           Kitchen sink

·           Cabinet doors

·           Window

·           Lighting


Custom Made Kitchen Look Fantastic

It isn’t necessary to change all of the items on the above lists to create your new kitchen look.  However, the more items that you change, the more unique the look will appear to you and to everyone who frequents your home.  In fact, the more prominent the item is in your kitchen, the more likely it is that changing it will make a lasting difference.

 Upgrading the hardware for your kitchen cabinets will give them a brighter appearance in most instances.  Over time, the hardware tends to lose its shine and luster.  While you are changing the hardware, it is an excellent time to also upgrade the cabinet doors by giving them a thorough cleaning and a facelift with a new stain.

 It is relatively easy to coordinate all of your new items with the same theme since so many stores and online sites sell kitchen items.  It isn’t necessary to do all of your shopping at the same location either, although it probably will make it easier.  In fact, take the time to shop around and see what is available before actually making your purchases.  Next, begin to make your purchases attempting to shop for similar items at the same time so that you can match colors and patterns more readily.

Leinster Woodcraft  listen to your suggestions and heed your requirements and help to satisfy those needs at a realistic cost.



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Considerations for Remodeling or Expanding Your Home    

If the needs of your family have changed or you bought a house constructed upon the requirements of the first owner, you can think about remodeling or expanding your home. If after looking at the pros and cons of changing your home you decide change is not cost-effective, consider the alternative of buying a different home more suited to your needs. Here is a brief discussion of planning how to improve your home beginning with a needs assessment.

New Double Extension

New Double Extension

In “Planning Your Addition,” Tony Gilligan recommends: “The first step in planning your addition is a family conference to catalog everybody’s thoughts about your home.” In your family conference, there will be a lot of suggestions. You can capture all ideas in one list. Then the family will work together to narrow down the list into the top priorities.




Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen

Tied in with this debate is how remodeling one of your existing rooms in the house could meet one or more of the new family needs and then how part of the new addition could replace the purpose of that old room.   



A builder or an architect can help you with estimating the costs of remodeling or expanding your home. The way your house sits on the property, the current building codes, and your budget are major factors that will impact what you can do to improve your property. Once your family has finalized a list of priorities, the builder can match options with your ideas and your budget. Tony raises the point of reconciling the family’s current wish list of priorities with how the family needs will change again. For example, if you have two teenagers that now want a recreation room added, consider if it will make sense to add a room that will only be used for a few years.   Another consideration is how one multi-functional space can accommodate different needs of your family. For example, perhaps a large room added on to the back of the house can serve as a library, a home office, a space for entertaining, and a guest bedroom (perhaps with a Murphy bed concealed in the wall). Designing multiple purposes for the addition will help you to maximize the square footage of the addition.
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From a Bygone Age to Modern Times !

Those were the good old days, when all you need was a four legged table in the corner and a few three legged stools, no microwave, fridge freezer or anything electrical ( there was no electricity anyway in most areas ). Hey presto, there was your kitchen  furnished. 

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Early Georgian Kitchen
Early Georgian Kitchen

Today a totally different scene, everywhere you go throughout the Island of Ireland, the countryside is dotted with new homes, a great sign of our affluence over the last decade. Within the walls of these beautiful designed houses is the “heart” of the home, referred to as the kitchen.

Kitchen styles vary from areas of the world but in Ireland we tend to stick to the traditional kitchens like Oak, Maple, Walnut and of course ash kitchens are very popular nowadays. Leinster Woodcraft are very proud to have been chosen in many cases to supply these modern masterpiece kitchens of various designs, that can be seen in our showrooms.

Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Designs - More Info - Click Image

The styles available are the single galley kitchen, the double galley kitchen, the L-shaped kitchen, the U-shaped kitchen and all of these combined with an island unit give the chef or cook a wonderful area to perform his or her duties.

You can buy cheap kitchens from many sources, and in some cases when you use these for a few years, the doors start sagging and the hinges come away from the main frame – you ask yourself why didn’t I get a good quality one in the first place. The cost difference is not so great, so get yourself a good quality custom in-frame kitchen at the outset and you won’t be disappointed. Leinster Woodcraft are renowned for their quality and value and have been around for nearly three decades. 

Custom Kitchens

Custom Kitchens - Get Quote Today - Click Image

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